About Us

Art2Click is specialist in the production of creative wall decals, each wall decal will be made to order and hand made. From the motive idea to the finished wall decal we produce everything in our own production.

Art2Click offer you a creative, original, and fun way to transform ANY living space in your home into an amazing work of art! Our exclusive, colorful wall decals are not available ANYWHERE else in the world (only at Art2Click). We produce ONLY original decals with completely unique designs (no common designs), so your decal will sure to stand out! Customize your favorite wall decal even further with dozens of color options, to match or compliment ANY décor!
Our decals are made only of the highest quality, matte finish vinyl, providing the appearance of a hand painted design on your wall. These are far superior, and no comparison, to standard decals you find at big box retailers or other online shopping sites. Our designs offer 100% superior quality vinyl and can easily be removed from any interior wall with no damage or marks left behind. Large wall decals may come in several pieces for the convenience of shipping and application.

At Art2Click, we strive to make your living space not only creative, but also inviting and riveting. Our happy customers tell us that they get complimented on their new decals all the time! From painted walls, to glass, wood, and more, our beautiful decals can be used on ANY flat, non-porous surface!